Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Italian Seasoned Bread

My basic bread recipe is FANTASTIC !!  (If I do say so myself.)  We use this recipe for all sorts of things.  One of the great ways to use this recipe, and other food storage ingredients is to make an Italian Loaf.  This bread is not an Italian type of bread....just seasoned to complement your Italian foods and recipes.

To one 4 loaf batch of Basic Bread, prior to adding the final 6-8 c. Flour, add this seasoning mix to have a delicious seasoned batch of bread!

4 Tbs Tomato Powder
4 Tbs Onion Flakes
2 Tbs Oregano

This bread is the perfect complement to Tuna and Lunch meat Sandwiches as well as your Sunday Roast or the Minestrone Soup you mixed up from your soup mixes!  Take one whiff of the divine aroma and your meal wheels will start spinning with the possibilities!

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