Specialty Items


Sometimes it's hard to get your oven mitts on some of the specialty items I use.  Alison's Pantry is where I buy most of these items.

If an item linked you to this page, then it is something I buy from Alison's regardless if it is mentioned specifically below.

Everyone has a preference, and I am no different.  After having tried many different kinds, and brands of different items, I have definately picked up some preferences when it comes to food storage.  Alison's sells many many products and I won't advertise for all of them since I do not always think they are the best item or the best price of an item.  There are many times when they are and a few of those examples are listed below.

Contact me at cooks.nook@ymail.com for a catalog or price listing of the items you are looking for OR go to the website and contact the store for a list of resellers in your area.

We sell Bulk Spices.  You will often pay the same price for the little jar in the store as you would for a 1 pound package from Alisons.

My preference is Instant Ultra Sure Jel for starch over any store brand I have found.  This thickens with HOT or COLD water which is a nice addition if you were in a situation where heating the water was not an option.

I prefer Shirley J Bouillons over any store brand I have found, and even over the other Alison Pantry brands.

We sell all the spice jars 16 oz and 32 oz square and 16 oz round with shaker flip lids.  I use these personally for all my individual spices.  Spice mixes would need to go into a 1/2 gallon jar, but I use an empty peanut butter jar because it's cheaper.  :)

We sell 1/2 gallon and gallon square clear plastic jars with lids .  Perfect for mixes and to keep smaller quantities of grains handy.  I use these for grains and pastas that I use in smaller quantities, not a 5 or 3 gallon bucket.  I also use these for muffin mix, chai, hot cocoa and pancake and other such mixes.

We sell the 2 gallon buckets with gamma lids.  This is PERFECT for brown sugar.  Tired of your brown sugar being hard?  I use this 2 gallon (perfect size) with the wonderful gamma seal lid and then have a few brown sugar bears (a couple dollars at bed bath and beyond) around for just in case the kids leave the lid off too long.  I have left a bag on the shelf until is was ROCK HARD and with the bears and the bucket softened it back up and used it.  Best combo on the planet for brown sugar!

Cinnamon and Blueberry bits/chips and Dry Vanilla, Almond, Lemon flavors are a wonderful flavor addtion to any food storage plan and help add a little variety and diversity to your mixes.  It is what makes some of the mixes even possible.  One of the few places I have found them is Alison's, but if I find them elsewhere at a better price I will let you know!

I do know that other flavors of bits/chips are available at other internet sites.... I have even bought them and loved them, but they are much more expensive once you figure in shipping.  Maybe eventually we can get a group buy together if enough people want them and that would help the shipping tremendously .... there are sooooo many flavors to choose from!