Thursday, June 30, 2011

Keeping Organized

Gardening can be an organizational nightmare.  You have to plant on schedule, you have to transplant on schedule.  You have to rotate crops and fertilizer.  You have to harvest and use or preserve when the garden tells you too, not when you decide you are ready.

On top of all this, don't forget to use your seeds, first in......first out.  You don't want to find old seeds in the bottom of your seed bucket that now won't germinate because they are way too old.

I buy seeds like some women buy shoes.  I love seeds.  I have regular grocery store seeds.  I have internet only seeds.  I have random and unique seeds.  I have 10 different varieties of tomatoes and 6 different varieties of beets.  I am addicted to buying seeds.  I see a seed that "I am sure I don't have" and then I must have it.  I even buy flower seeds and I don't even plant flowers!  I have no intention of having a flower garden, ever.

This year I finally got organized.

I bought these nifty plastic drawers at the .... (background trumpets and drum roll) .... WALMART.  I taped in some cardboard to divide the drawer into 3 sections and trimmed down some 5x7 index cards to make my seed deviders.

 I put the new bought seed in the back and use from the front first.  I knew I had a problem when I had 3 open yellow summer squash packets.  Seriously.  Those things produce so much, you only have one or two plants a year.  One packet will cover you for 5 years easy!  I had 3 open packets.  I only started buying seed 5 years ago!

"Hi.  My name is Mrs C.  I have a problem.  I buy excessive amounts of garden seed."

I feel better already!  No.  I don't plan on quitting.

In my second drawer, which is for herbs and flowers (not quite as full as vegetables) I have room for my gardening extras.
And the most awesomest product in the whole world is my uncut twistie ties from the dollar store.

These are great for tying up vines and tree branches.  it doesn't stretch like the plastic tape and it's not ultra expensive like the velcro.  It is reusable, but so cheap I usually don't.  It has two spools on the card for just $1!! 

I am hoping with this system, I will be able to easily move into seed saving with only a little extra work.  maybe just add a label to the seed packet with the year and crop info.  Nothing I do is that easy, but I always hope it to be.  We will see.

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