Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I pulled in my first crop of the season.....Beets!  I love beets.  I will can them in pints since they are not a favorite for the whole family.  It seems so wasteful to throw away all the tops but since I don't have a place to compost them yet.......there is nothing to do about it. 

This first crop was a little sparse, but I think it's because I started so early, and then the hail storm came just as some were emerging and killed them.  I believe the next planting will be more normal.

I planted this crop at the begining of May....2 months ago.  I believe at this rate I will be able to get 3 plantings of beets, which is fantastic since I am only planting 16 square feet each time.  I wish the carrots came on so quick but they need the heat to germinate so I will just have to make do with the 2 crops I can get.

Seems such a shame to throw away all these greens!  I know when they are small and tender they can be eaten fresh, but my mom says my great grandma would cook these mature ones.  By next crop my goal is to have a way to cook them....hopefully it's good?!?  I will let you know.

They are so pretty in the jars.   Makes my food storage happy!

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